Mummy Milestone Cards

  • Mummy Milestone Cards
  • Mummy Milestone Cards

This set of 16 hand illustrated Mummy Milestone Cards are the perfect gift for any new mummy. Marking momentous and hilarious milestones that every Mum (and Dad) celebrate in the first year of being parents.

Milestones include:
'Today I drank tea and it was still hot!'
'I got more than 3 hours sleep.'
'Today I got back into my skinny jeans.'
'Today I changed my top xx number of times.'
'Tonight Daddy is in charge.'
'Today I mastered texting and feeding at the same time.'
'Today I used a handbag instead of a changing bag.'
'Tonight I had my first glass of wine.
'Tonight I'm going "out, out".'
'Today I wore a proper bra for the first time.'
'Today I went to the toilet without an audience.'
'Today I had a shower before midday.'
'Tonight we are having a date night.'
'Today is my first day back at work.'
'We've kept a human alive for a whole year!'

Measuring A6 in size and printed on 400gsm uncoated stock. The cards come packaged in a plastic sleeve, tied with a twine bow and shipped in a padded envelope.

Designed and printed in the UK.